Anaesthosiology - A Glimpse

Anaesthesiology is the backbone of surgery. With the advancement of specialties, surgical skill and techniques, anaesthesiology also improved and the Anaesthesia Department at NCMH have kept pace with it. The world-class operation theatres at NCMH are equipped with cutting-edge technology to administer anaesthesia. The department’s skilled and experienced team of Anaesthetists, with their multi-disciplinary approach, focuses on the safety and comfort of patients undergoing surgical, diagnostic, interventional and endoscopic procedures. The department provides pain management for patients with chronic and disabling pain disorders.

The Operation Theatre Complex at NCMH has 04 fully equipped OT Complex

Services & Facilities


• Dragger workstations with vaporizers

• Anaesthesia ventilators

• Pulse oxymeters

• Cardiographs Cardio scopes with defibrillators

• C¬-arm image intensifiers

• Syringe pumps

• Infusion pumps

• ABG analysers


• Surgical Procedures

• Medical and Diagnostic Procedures

• Neurointerventional Procedures

• Radiological Procedures

• Endoscopy Procedures

• Ultrasound for interventional procedures

For emergency cases 166-021-52777 emergency