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Life matters a lot, and we do care for them with our dedication towards our duty and as a nation where we feel proud of providing the best neurological services as a team of the best doctors in Nepal.

Neuro Cardio & Multispecialty Hospital Pvt.Ltd. is a well-known multispecialty hospital that was established in 2000 AD to provide the best neurological and other medical facilities.

Dr. Birendra Kumar Bista
Senior Consultant Neurologist

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Medical solutions rank amongst the most exciting and interesting ways healthcare providers leverage digital technology to improve medical care. They have the potential to transform healthcare provision as we know it, improving access, clinical outcomes and engagement with services.

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We need to be prepared for anything that might come through the doors. That’s why keeping key pieces of medical equipment on-hand at all times are so crucial to providing complete care.

In order to provide comprehensive treatment for patients, we have a standard set of equipment that all hospitals should have it.