Cardiology Department

The department of Cardiology provides medical management for all kinds of diseases relating to the heart and circulatory system offering the latest innovations in minimally invasive and non invasive cardiac care to patients of all ages.. Medical diagnosis and treatments are offered to health issues like heart failures, congenital heart diseases and various other disorders. Understanding the needs of heart patients, NCMH has facilitated services of highly experienced cardiologists and advanced technology. Cutting‐edge facilities and services are provided to ensure quality care to the patients at affordable cost. Philips Allura XperFD20 flat panel Cath lab Technology facility makes it easier to have best results making way for better diagnosis and treatment. The electrophysiology lab at NCMH cardiology department has facilities for diagnosis as well as treatment for irregular heart beat conditions.

Services & Facilities

• Digital flat panel Cath lab Technology

• Electrophysiology Lab

• TMT, ABPM and 24 Hour Holter monitoring

• Round the Clock Primary Angioplasty for Acute MI (Heart attack)

• Elective Angiogram and Angioplasty

• Device closure of VSD,ASD & PDA

• Valvuloplasty (Mitral, Aortic, Pulmonary)

• Temporary & Permanent Pacemaker Implantation

• Treatment of Congenital Heart Diseases

• Evaluation and treatment of Arrhythmias