Staff Nurse

Posted on 24 November 2023

Job Description

She/He is responsible for providing nursing care and management to the patient along with providing supervision, guidance and direction to juniors to ensure optimal care.

Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for making sure our hospital operations run smoothly.

Job Responsibilities

  • - Adhere to the hospital duty time, uniform and dress code policy.
  • - Take bedside handover and takeover of all patients, drugs, consumables and equipments; ensure completion of tasks before handing over the patient to next shift.
  • - Prioritize and provide nursing care, recognize deterioration in a patient’s condition and alert senior staff immediately. Follow evidence based clinically effective practice.
  • - Prepare and participate in Doctor’s round, carryout order as per the doctor’s prescription, follow medication administration protocols.
  • - Follow transfer and handover protocols while sending the patient for investigations and transfers.
  • - Manage conflict, counsel and provide information regarding condition to patient and relatives.
  • - Follow Inventory management for drugs, consumables and equipments; replace as per the protocol.
  • - Follow and implement infection control, waste management and safety protocols.
  • - Take informed consent, high risk consent before any planned operative cases or emergency surgeries.
  • - Maintain and update all medical records, incidents reports, investigations carried out; update the electronic records/hospital software.
  • - Participate in in-service education, CNE/CME and training programs.
  • - Follow the effective communication with proper chain of command during treatment and administrative work.
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the supervisor / matron / medical director.


  • Time Management.
  • Proven experience as a paramedic.
  • Knowledge of medical procedures, terminology and medications.
  • Ability to stay calm and make the right decisions in adverse conditions.
  • Excellent working knowledge of minor medical equipment and devices.