Neuro Surgery Department- A Glimpse

The Department of Neurosurgery under the Neuro Cardio & Multispeciality Hospital provides a complete range of Contemporary neurosurgical care to patients with various neurological conditions that affect the brain, spine, nerves, and the skull. We take a multidisciplinary approach in providing a holistic range of services, from diagnosis to surgical treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with neurological disorders. Dedicated 14bed Neurosurgery ICU with the latest Hemodynamic monitoring and bedside continuous EEG monitoring equipment at the department helps doctors to ensure best possible care to the patients with minor to complex neurological conditions. 24*7 Neurosurgery care is ensured at the centre with the support of latest technological facilities and services from experienced medical professionals. Trauma patients are given 24 x 7 care at NCMH.

Services & Facilities

Disorders we treat at NCMH includes:

● Spinal Disorders

● Conditions of the Spine

● Degenerative spinal conditions

● Disc protrusions and spinal Stenosis

● Cervical myelopathy and radiculopathy

● Spinal fractures and instability

Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery (Conditions of the Brain)

● Intracranial cysts and other brain lesions

● Intracranial hemorrhage including subarachnoid hemorrhage

● Cerebral aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations (AVM)


● Tumors and metastatic disease of the spine and spinal cord

● Brain tumors and brain metastases

● Pituitary tumors

TumorsSpinal Surgery

● Dissectomy (removal of the intervertebral disc) and decompressions of nerve roots and spinal cord in the neck and lower back

● Spinal fusion surgery in the neck and lower back

● Disc replacement surgery

● Correction of spinal deformities such as scoliosis and hypnosis

● Reconstructions and palliative surgery for spinal tumors

● Surgical treatment of spinal infections

● Revision spinal surgery