Radio Diagnosis and Imaging - A Glimpse

The department of Radio Diagnosis and Imaging at NCMH provides round-the-clock service using wide range of radio-imaging techniques. The team of radiologists and imaging technologists at NCMH perform diagnosis such as MRI, CT Scan, interventional radiography and mammography with the utmost care and accuracy. We have the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D & 4D ultrasound machines, 16 slice multi-detector CT, 0.35 Tesla MRI, Digital x-rays, etc.

The advanced MRI system with fully loaded software is capable of performing vast spectrum of imaging studies in high quality. We have dedicated protocols for Stroke Imaging, Epilepsy Imaging, Tumor Imaging with Diffusion, Perfusion, Spectroscopy, Metastatic work up, Musculoskeletal and Pelvic Imaging. The CT supports advanced applications like CT Angiography, perfusion imaging, Cardiac Imaging and CT Coronary Angiography.

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